AluStructure 60

a stronger version of AluStructure 45

AluStructure 60 is a modular subconstruction system designed for all typical facade materials usually not heavier than 60kg per panel.

Designed for easy installation with possibility to adjust substructure in 3D.

Panels are 2D adjustable and once installed are easy to replace.

List of features:

  • Aluminium construction
  • Modular concept
  • Easy construction
  • Fire resistant class A
  • Fixed and sliding points
  • For FTF Floor-To-Floor panel sizes
  • Easy panel replacement
  • Curtain walling systems compatible
  • Hangover 26-310mm
  • Suggested maximum panel weight 60kg
  • Based on project recommendation and training max panel weight can be increased up to 120kg
  • Full architectural details library: *.dwg, *.pdf
  • For stone, ceramic, GRC concrete, UHPC concrete, fibrecement, glass, HPL
  • Compatible with all Blick’s undercut anchors
  • Components supplied in 3100mm rails
  • CWCT tested
  • compatible with all Blick’s undercut anchors