Architect designed ...

… socle, window opening, column, soffit, canopy, baluster

There are over 300 videos in the Blick library covering basic, advanced and challenging details. Floor-to-floor panels, various layouts, window lintels, jambs and window sills, corners, balusters, finials, canopies, soffits, plinths or columns are just a few examples. Most of them are details of natural stone, fiber cement, ceramics, HPL, solid surface, but also glass. Others are still on the desk. At your disposal, I would like to present the first part of the “Architect designed …” series with architectural details in less than one minute movies. New parts comming soon…

Rainscreen Facade Panel.

Panels size: 850 / 850 / 20mm, Material: black granite architect studio: Morphogenesis Mumbai India location: Gift City, India general contractor: PSP Projects Ltd. system supplied: AS50 undercut system undercut anchor: HDA-S10.15.M830

FtF Facade Panel.

Even panels in size of 3400mm high and 1200mm wide can be used on the facade. Here GRC panels fixed on undercut anchors on Comarch building in Łódź, Poland.

Panels fixed to blockwork.

High wind load and blockwork as back wall.
This recommendation was prepared for one of projects in UAE where wind load reached 3.4kN/m2.

Next detail comming soon.

socle, coping, soffit, column, baluster, canopy, window head, jamb, cill…

Disclaimer: presented solutions are made based on technology available at the time of design, final structure and details may vary as per approved documentation, presented details are structurally calculated for specific local conditions by approved structural engineer, preseted solutions are for training and information purposes only and can not be considered as data for further analysis or structural design without previous formal confirmation by, all presented technical solutions and ideas are property of and are protected by international patent or international patent applications owned by In case of any questions please contact for further support.