an extra wide anchor for soft materials dedicated for GRC or UHPC and soft natural stones.


a flush type undercut anchor of a construction of Skylight – glass technology

  • Ø15mm anchor
  • even 220% extra pullout over stone undercut anchor (BSA-SQ)
  • designed to deliver higher safety level through uniform stress transformation and higher technical parameters
  • min embedment depth 8mm
  • stainless steel A2 or A4 grade
  • standart thread size M6 (min M5)
  • maximum thread size M8 (building industry)
  • designed and recommended especially for soft materials:
    • natural stones: limestone, marble, sandstone,
    • GRC – Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete,
    • Powerpanel HD/H2O, Fermacell
    • recommended for soft natural stones: limestone, marble, sandstone,
    • and other materials like: Rockpanel, Richlite, Structuran, Decoran, Noeparies,
  • for impact free installation requires IFSet and BSA-S/SQ adapter
  • programmed pullout

BSA-C undercut anchor is protected by international patent or international patent applications owned by blicksystem.

  • BSA-C Verostone Slim pullout: 1320N / 297lbf
  • BSA-SQ Verostone Slim pullout: 600N / 135lbf

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