Project Recommendations

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Project Recommendation by Blick is simply pack of answers on particular project questions.

These may be questions related to maximum loads, construction details, technical parameters, but also logistics, ergonomy, time of installation, packaging, waste reduction in a optimised meaning.
PR related to facade projects include 
structural calculations signed by approved structural designer based on Euro Codes or FEA (Final Element Analysis). A good example of Project Recommendation, which covers common questions about facade is Recommendation for World Biggest Facade Panels.

The recommendation covers following aspects (below you can find choosen once):
– how to install panels in size of 5600/3600mm – 18/12ft (max designed panel’s size 6300/3600mm – 21/12ft),
– what is the thermal expansion of panel 6300mm – 21ft high,
– how to design the joint between panels and cover the space,
– design fixing grid for wind load,
– design panel and fixings transfering crowd load,
– design thermal movement of radius panels for both positive and negative bending,
– design instalation process to meet building schedule,
– what temperature reaches the panel by 35ºC air,
– proceed proper tests (bending resistance back-front, front-back, anchor pullout and shear load by -20ºC, 23ºC and +80ºC, thermal expansion factor etc.).

PR covers industrial solutions too. By example of such PR it is manufacturing CNC machine designed on request or individual anchor geometry dedicated for extra soft materials.


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Note: While Project Recommendations are not opened to the public, here below we present a few examples to present this part of Blick’s services.


2014 World Biggest Facade Panels
Recommendation for Africarium


Want to know how we have installed world largest facade panels in size of 5600/3600mm – 18.4/11.8ft?
Here you can see a complex example of Project Recommendation by Blick.
Main questions we were looking to answer were as follows:
– how to fix large panels and secure thermal expansion?
– design proper joint widths to secure 18mm – ¾in panel thermal expansion,
– secure logistics for panels 20.16m² – 217ft²,
– consider transports by wind,
– design arches and contact points with other technologies.

Final result of the project you can see HERE.

Recommendation for Fins
160 Aldersgate, London


Portland Stone Jordans Whitbed.
The movie presents Blick Recommendation and final result of structural design and FEA (Final Element Analysis) made for fins.
Main questions to answer:
– structural calculation and design made for stone panels and metal frames,
– secret fixing secring panels.

Marble – Aluminium honey comb
El Palacio de Hierro, Mexico.


Shopping centre.
The movie presents Blick Recommendation and final result of technology process prepared for drilling and high speed anchor installation.
Main questions to answer:
– one sequence operation – drilling holes should be made through two materials in one operation only,
– safe technical parameters,
– high speed anchor installation.

Final result of the project you can see HERE.

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Above examples were choosen to present a small part of not opened to the public Blick’s services.
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