Africarium, Wroclaw, Poland
2014 world largest facade panels size 5600/3600mm – 18/12ft


a portable heavy duty drilling machine.

  • It’s performance is prooven worldwide
  • Delivers highest performance in building site’s conditions
  • Full metal ergonomic robust construction
  • Vacuum foot enables to work on vertical surfaces
  • Routing vacuum plate for easy fast positioning
  • Quiet operation
  • Brushless 24Volt DC 500W engine for no service operation
  • Works powered from car battery
  • Compact washer pack for easy replacement
  • Spare parts limited to easy available O-rings and simerings
  • Easy and intuitive operating
  • Venturi nozzle in the pack
  • Typical power, water and compressed air socets
  • Quick coupling for compressed air
  • Available with 230V and 110V transformer (mark by order)
  • Extra low water, air and electricity consumption
  • Ready to work out of the box
  • 12kg net weight

daVID is protected by international patent or international patent applications owned by blicksystem.


BLDC Engine

  • 24V DC brushless BLDC engine
  • quiet operation
  • secured electronic

Vacuum Routing Foot

  • easy and intuitive routing and positioning
  • 50/50mm corner positioning
  • vacuum foot enables to work in vertical position
  • equipped in Venturi nozzle

Undercut mechanism

  • easy and intuitive undercut mechanism
  • two symetrical positions for drilling and undercutting

Drilling Depth Adjustment

  • very precise linear adjustment
  • constant and repetetive scale: 1x full 360º turn equals to 1mm up/down movement
  • precise adjustment: 1x 90º turn equals to 0,25mm up/down movement
  • simple construction

and it works.


available in two power supply options:

  • 230V or 110V to 24Volt DC

Washer pack

  • all washers are set in one pack
  • washer replacement is simple and quick
  • all washers are typical