Impact Free Setting Tool


Impact Free SEtting Tool

… the only right way
to assemble undercut anchors


Must Have Tool

IFSet is compatible with all Blick’s undercut anchors, it is a must have tool for all users of Blick technology


IFSet is designed to be an ergonomic tool with full range of setting adjustment

All metal construction

IFSet is an all-metal tool, all main construction elements are made from metal

Large range of adapters

adapters for screws in size from M4 to M8 adapters for nuts in size from M4 to M6

Above adapters are available in with socet to fit cordless screw driver for high speed installation

BSA-S/SQ adapter

one adapter for all BSA-S10 and BSA-SQ10 type anchors

Skylight adapter

required to install all Skyligh undercut anchors for glass and BSA-G flush type anchors BSA-G anchors are recommended for soft materials like GRC or soft limestones.