How To

… here you can see how to use Blick undercut technology.


Based on Material Recommendation, choose the fixing, which is best for your application.
There are many different materials, which have different characteristics, moreover there are projects of different requirement and loads.
To find the best compromise and optimise cost, check which anchor fits your needs.
Blick offers many free of charge examples available on our YouTube channel / Playlist Material Recommendations.

A simple way to choose anchor is knowing it’s abbreviations, which have meaning as follows:

Anchor model: BSA-S10.15.M630:

BSA-S – type of anchor with external screw,
– diameter of anchor and entry hole,
15 – drilling depth [mm], we suggest to make holes 1-2 mm deeper, if material allows,
Blick BSA-S type anchors are designed for holes from 6 to 15mm (max 20mm) deep.
M6 – thread size [mm], 
– screw length [mm].

Anchor model: BSA-SQ10.10.M600:

BSA-SQ – type of anchor with internal thread “flush” type anchors,
– diameter of anchor and entry hole,
10 – drilling depth [mm], we suggest to make holes 1-2 mm deeper, if material allows,
Blick BSA-SQ type anchors are designed for holes from 7/8 to 15mm (max 20mm).
M6 – internal thread size [mm], 
– a separate screw length [mm]. If “00”, then the  anchor is supplied without screw.
10 – a separate screw 10mm long is included.


Now undercut hole has to be made.
Blick offers many ways to make undercut holes using daVID, myBOB, GoliatHv1, Goliathv2 or CNC if you have one.
Lets start from daVID, most popular portable drilling machine for undercut anchors.

All undercut anchors by Blick in it’s name use information about undercut hole depths. It is second part of the reference.

Just for example anchor BSA-S10.15.M630 uses undercut holes 15mm deep.
Based on Blick’s over 30 years experience in buidling industry (from 1982), we have decided to design anchors which are more resistant to fabrication errors. Therefore Blicks anchors offer lots of tolerance for drilling depth.
Therefore you can, and we suggest to do so, drill holes 1-2 mm deeper than nominal.
15mm achors can have 15-17mm deep hoes and in particular situations even 18mm.
This gives you much more confidence when drilling, especially if you are beginner or panels belong to expensive ones.

GoliatH CNC machine was designed for industrial use.
Main goals designed and achieved were as follows:
– high precision in X, Y and Z axis,
– 2 drilling head (on request 4 heads available),
– large working area allows to fabricate panels 3600/1600mm (more on request),
– high speed of operation,
– repetitive layouts programmed in the software,
– flexibility: most parameters to be adjusted according to material and operator preferences,
– low consumption of energy, water and air,
– and many more.

From March 2018 the version 2 for smaller panels is available.

For those, who have own CNC machine, Blick created special half gas adapter (1/2″), which is fixed to ISO cones.
Here we present how undercut holes may be made on real machine.

CNC adapters are especially interesting for kitchen countertops fabricators or by lower quantity productions

3. IFSet – an Impact Free Setting Tool

IFSet – is an impact free setting tool.
Based on many years of Blick’s experience, we offer safe setting technology, which uses impact free installation way of anchor installation.

IFSet offers many adapters for high speed installation or variety of anchor types.
All cover Blick’s range of undercut anchors.

Here you can see how to adjust the IFSeT and IFSet HD designed for HDA anchors so you work becomes easy.

There are many soft materials (limestones and marbles) or thin ones (8mm ceramic / porcelain) which by hitting probably break.

The other aspect is that hitting too soft may result failure.

Summarizing, you never know if the anchor is defromed correctly, too soft or too hard and overdeformed.

Now, finally you are sure. Using IFSet or stronger model IFSet HD the anchor is deformed correctly (not to less and not too hard), just the right way.

Once the anchor is set in the panel, clamp has to be fixed.
Use proper tools to warrant correct fixing.
Here you can see presentation of typical torque wrenches.

Typical torque level varies between 3,5±0,5Nm.


Now the panel is ready to be installed.
Use one of Blick’s structures to install facade panels.

Choose between following systems:

AluStructure 45 – for panels up 45kg/pcs,

AluStructure 50 – for panels up 50kg/pcs, available for India and UAE market,

AluStructure 60 – for panels up to 60kg/pcs

AluStructure 125 – for panels up to 125kg/pcs.

Note: Blick Structure may transfer panels much heavier and in size of FtF Floor-to-Floor based on Project Recommendation and structural calculations made by Blick’s approved engineers.


Mass production sets us other questions to solve.
These can be related to panel size, productivity, software flexibility of drilling process and it’s characteristics.

Here we present CNC controlled GoliatH v2 drilling machine for panels in XXL size of 3600/1600mm.