anchor of 100% contact surface & +60% extra pullout


a flush type undercut anchor for concrete moulds

  • Ø15mm anchor
  • delivers even 162% extra pullout over standart stone undercut anchor (BSA-SQ)
  • 100% surface contact to the material
  • extra wide diameter for uniform load transfer
  • embedment depth 10mm
  • stainless steel A2 or A4 grade
  • closed bottom prevents concrete to fill thread
  • wide contact surface to the mould
  • standart thread size M6 (min M4)
  • maximum thread size M8 (building industry)
  • for concrete materials like GRC, UHPC to be set before filling the form

InFill undercut anchor is protected by international patent or international patent applications owned by blicksystem.
On request delivered with shaped turn-lock.

  • InFill anchor 10mm in UHPC pullout 3267N / 734lbf
  • BSA-SQ 10mm in UHPC pull out 2012N / 452lbf

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Note: the movie presents early code of InFill anchors BSA-SQ14.10.M600, from the 2018 the anchor exists under BSA-F code.