An undercut technology by Blick is a mechanical shape interlock provided by the undercut in the panel. The mechanical interlock is formed by anchor’s sleeve, which opens in the “cavern” – undercut shape using IFSeT impact free setting tool. The undercut is formed by a special drilling technology (daVID, myBOB, GoliatH v1 or GoliatH v2) or by special construction of the anchor “self undercut anchors” (more information on request).

Blick offers undercut technology for nearly all materials:
-hard stones: granites (Kashmir White), quarzites, basalt, porphir,
-soft stones: sandstone, limestone (Moca Cream, Jura Beige), marbles (Snow Ray Light), slate (Welsch Slate or Spanish Slate),
ceramic and porcelain: Mosa, Petraluxe, Mirage, TheSize, Laminam,
-solid surface: HiMacs, Corian, Staron, Akrilika,
-fibrecements: equitone, SVK,
-concrete: GRC, UHPC, VHCT, FCC, Stella Stone, Steinblau, ReiderC, BtB Radzymin, Yerg, BoMAbeton, Taktl, Microbeton…,
-ceramic glass: Structuran, Decoran,
-glass: cristal clear VSG-TVG, opaque VSG-ESG, fusing,
-and other materials (Rockpanel, Richlite, Neoparies, aluminium honey comb) based on Material Recommendation.

Note: Undercut anchors do not create stress in the material during installation.
Undercut anchors are NOT expansion bolts.